A SALISBURY woman has been left dismayed after being told by police it would not investigate an incident of dangerous driving despite being given dashcam footage.

Kirstie Johns was travelling with her husband on the A350 near Whitehall Garden Centre at the junction of Corsham Road and Cantax Hill in Lacock on Saturday, July 6 at around 3.20pm.

She said the incident involved a dark blue BMW.

She said: "We were undertaken by the driver who proceeded to overtake all of the cars in front, going over the white lines and chevrons."

She says the driver them stuck his middle finger up to drivers, adding: "I can't believe anyone would drive like that with such disregard for other users."

Kirstie caught the incident on a dashcam in her car and reported the incident to Wiltshire Police by calling 101 where she was asked to email the footage. But, she later says she was told the incident would not be investigated any further.

Salisbury Journal:

"They weren't interested," said Kirstie.

When she made a complaint about this decision she was told that for a report of dangerous driving to be investigated police have to have a report from a third party witness.

"What the chap did was so dangerous," she added. "They said they wouldn't be looking at it and not taking any evidence of dangerous driving from dashcam and that they don't have capacity to investigate it."

"I feel really disappointed," said Kirstie.

Supt Dave Minty, Wiltshire Police force lead for Crime Standards and Justice, said: “Our Justice Traffic department has been dealing with an unprecedented level of demand recently, which has come at the same time as some staff shortages.

“Unfortunately, this has meant we have had to make the difficult decision to temporarily halt our work processing dash cam footage for traffic offences where there is no victim or injuries.

“I’m sure the public will understand that we must prioritise road traffic collisions, particularly those where someone has been injured. And I want to reassure you that dash cam footage relating to victims or injuries is always processed and reviewed.

“However, we are working hard to rectify the staffing shortages, and we hope the matter will be resolved swiftly.”