A TRANSFORMED campervan used for weddings has gone up for sale, following the death of one of the owners.

Husband and wife Alan and Lisa Boxall launched Doris Days Out five years ago, but after Alan was found dead in woods earlier this year, Lisa has decided to sell the vehicle, and consequently the business, for £35,000.

The business began when the couple got the opportunity to buy and refurbish a 1964 Volkswagen Camper, which has since been regularly hired for weddings and many other events.

Talking about the launch of the business Lisa, from Winterslow, said: “I have no idea where the idea came from, but I just turned to Alan and said ‘Why don’t we buy it?’, it was a lightbulb in the head moment.”

She added: “Weddings are a happy occasion and I’m no longer in that same happy circumstance, it gave us so much joy together and I want it to do the same for someone else, to help make other weddings happy.

“I can’t face this without Alan and therefore the complete business is for sale.

“The van is worth as much as I am asking for as it is beautiful and an up-and-running business. Salisbury needs it as there are so many weddings and local areas crying out for this kind of campervan service.”

Doris the campervan makes an appearance at around 20 weddings a year, as well as a string of proms and car festivals, taking pride in celebrating the “traditional” wedding through its choice of appearance and decor.

Lisa added: “It’s such an incredible job and so much fun whatever the age, people love them. Kids always want their pictures taken with Doris and older generations are just fascinated and remember when campervans were used more regularly all over the world.

“It’s a lovely thing to do and I want to get it to a good home.”

For more information about Doris Days Out and how to purchase the campervan, contact Lisa on 01980 862373.