A SOUTH Wiltshire woman is warning others to be on their guard after she was targeted by fraudsters.

Margaret Rees says she was contacted by a fraudster claiming to be from Microsoft who said there was a problem with her computer. She says she was contacted six times in the space of four days.

She said: “Please do not talk to or open your computer up to [people claiming to be from] Microsoft no matter how many times they ring you and tell you that you have a problem. They are just scammers, after access to your computer but more importantly access to your bank account details.

“I was stupid enough to believe I had a problem with my computer after they contacted me six times in four days.

“I really thought it must be true as they were so persistent that there was an important problem with my computer and had suggested if I didn’t do as instructed they would have to disconnect me from Microsoft. ”

The fraudsters then tried to withdraw nearly £5,000 from her account but fortunately, this was flagged up at her bank who then put a block on her account.

Mrs Rees had to get an IT specialist to fix her computer. She added: “It cost me £80 though. Better than the £5,000 I nearly lost this time.”

In a warning to others, Mrs Rees said: “So beware everyone – just block these scammers immediately.”

For more information and advice about what to do in relation to telephone scams go to takefive-stopfraud.org.uk/advice