A NEW art exhibition is set to open in Amesbury.

The exhibition, Standing Strong, at Amesbury Art Gallery, is by Paul Hawthorn, and is a series of portraits based on the 12 main yoga poses, with a unique twist.

The exciting and inspirational exhibition culminates with a life-sized sculpture outside the exhibition gallery on Amesbury high street, posed in the ‘Standing Bow’ position, with the outstretched hand holding the symbol for mental health.

The sculpture is over 6ft tall, and will be a real eye catching and thought provoking subject to look at, especially with the Mental Health Symbol being held in the outstretched hand.

Paul says he has been a fan of yoga for a long time and has used it to help him both mentally and physically over the years, to combat stress and the toll working long hours takes.

Paul says he “feels strongly that men’s mental health is an important subject” and that by doing this exhibition he can “raise more awareness around it and that along with other types of help, yoga goes a long way with helping psychologically, physically, and with your overall well being.”

A very well known artist within Wiltshire, Paul has done numerous projects in and around Salisbury, including The Peregrines at St Osmund’s School, wall art to raise money for the Stars Appeal and live wall art shows at The Yewtree Inn, Odstock.

Within the exhibition, there will also be photographs, music, and a “thought box”.

The exhibition opens on Friday, August 23 with a private viewing. It will then run until Friday, September 6.

For more information go to amesburyartgallery.com