FORMS are starting to land on doormats across the county, as Wiltshire Council’s annual canvass gets underway.

The council says it wants to ensure the electoral register is up to date, and is urging residents to respond either by telephone, online, or post.

In total, 223,000 envelopes will be sent out to Wiltshire households.

Last year an additional 21,329 people responded digitally compared to 2017. Overall, 201,620 responses were received with 97,722 of those via text, telephone or online and 96,000 by post. There was an overall response rate of 91.69%.

Carlton Brand, Wiltshire Council executive director and electoral registration officer for Wiltshire, said: “People have a legal obligation to confirm their details and I encourage them to do it as soon as possible.

“We had a tremendous online and digital response last year and I hope even more people use that option this time round. For every electronic response we receive we’re saving money that can be spent on vital council services.”

Salisbury Journal:

What are the forms?

Every property in Wiltshire receives a form each year, and it is used to collect information to ensure anyone who is eligible to register at the property is actually registered.

It is a legal requirement to provide the information requested to ensure it is up-to-date and accurate. If people are able to respond to the form promptly, they will avoid future reminders being sent to them.

To confirm details, all people have to do is go online at, or telephone (Freephone) 0800 197 9871 or text NOCHANGE to 80212 and use the security codes printed at the top of their form. This is the quickest and easier way to confirm the information on the form is correct, although people can also return their information by post.

If any details are incorrect, or to update the details of eligible voters at their address people should visit by using the security codes provided at the top of the household enquiry form. Alternatively, details can be amended using the form and returned in the prepaid envelope provided.

If anyone has been added to the form, they will still need to register to vote at They will need to provide their date of birth and national insurance number to complete their registration.

Reminder letters will be sent out for people who do not respond and if there still isn’t a response, trained volunteers will conduct house calls, the council says.