A CARER based in Salisbury has been awarded Abicare's Carer of the Year.

Gilly Sanger was presented with the award at a party in Starbucks on Southampton Road, Salisbury, on Friday, August 9.

Gilly said it was "wonderful" to receive the award, and a "massive surprise".

She added: "I wasn't expecting it all, I was just coming in for a coffee, so it was lovely."

Gilly was on her way into Salisbury to see a patient when she popped into Starbucks for a quick coffee, only to find the party for her.

She was joined by other members of staff from Abicare, as well as clients, and clients family members.

That date was extra special as it was also 10 years to the day that Gilly first joined Abicare.

Starbucks also presented a special basket of gifts to Gilly, who is a frequent customer.

Gilly's manager Becky said: "She is a fantastic carer, she hasn't had a day off in 18 months now, and in the care industry that's great.

"She's a very popular carer too. Of all our patients absolutely love here. We have a lot of clients here today, and even families of clients Gilly doesn't care for anymore, just because they remember all the work she did for them.

"She makes such a huge difference to our team, and we are grateful to have her."