The ‘critical moves’ window for troops returning from Germany under the Army Basing Programme (ABP) comes to a close this month, and the critical activity within our build programme is heading towards completion, too.

Larkhill Garrison has seen the biggest transformation, with 44 assets complete and a further 10 still in construction, including a state-of-the-art Gym. Across Tidworth, Bulford & Perham Down, 75 new buildings will have been delivered by early 2020.

A total of 14 offices (regimental and battery headquarters) had been handed over by the end of June, alongside five dining facilities for senior non-commissioned officers (SNCOs), one ‘super diner’ for the Royal Artillery (RA), and three Messes. The shared Mess for the Household Cavalry and Mercian Regiments at Bulford measures over 2,500m2 with over [79] rooms.

More than 2,200 bed spaces for single soldiers have been created across Salisbury Plain Training Area and at Aldershot. That equates to 33 junior ranks’ single living accommodation blocks - 20 for Gunner regiments – and 17 blocks for junior, senior and warrant officers, and SNCOs.

Add to this, landscaping, parade grounds, car parks, roads, storage and garaging, and it’s easy to get a sense of the scale and complexity of the ABP build programme.

And it’s not just new and improved living, working and technical accommodation that we’re creating: the ABP has generated 300 new jobs within our facilities management business.

Over 80% of new staff recruited by Aspire Defence Services Limited live within 15 miles of garrison, and of these, 35 are related to serving personnel. We hope to increase this number as additional families move into the local area: more than 30 people now employed within the scope of ABP have relocated from Germany.

Further Unit moves are taking place throughout autumn, and our construction programme continues as well: education and healthcare facilities to benefit soldiers and their families will complete during 2020.