I HAD to stop and take a deep breath this morning as I made my way between the dynamic sculptural pieces that make the exhibition ‘Beyond’ by Diane Maclean, inside and outside the Cathedral. They are strong, uncompromising and demanding. They seem to ask; How do you fit into this space? What do you take? And what do you give?

They remind me how lucky I am to live in a place of such history, heritage and creativity. A city that has been alive with art and culture throughout the summer and promises much to look forward to as we move into the autumn. Three exciting events, this very week, stand out.

Opening tomorrow at Messums Wiltshire, the world premiere of ‘Movement’ by Ruby Portus and Anthony Matsena is bound to turn heads. Just as Diane Maclean’s work responds to the environment in which it sits, so too have these young genre redefining choreographers and dancers been commissioned by Messums to create a piece for the beautiful gallery and performance space that is Messums the Barn.

There will be just three performances.

For a commercial gallery that is not a charity to support dance in this way, is both brave and generous. It’s an expensive art form to present, requiring specialist equipment; and nothing to take away, other than powerful memories.

I salute the inspirational Johnny Messum and his team who are so committed to the young and emerging artists that they fervently support.

A cheer also for Mirka Golden-Hann who has led exciting developments in the visual arts strand at Wiltshire Creative and brings an important installation to the Salisbury Arts Centre next week. ‘The Last Full Measure of Devotion’ by Kate Wilson is a commemorative piece.

It consists of a loving cup for each British service life lost in Afghanistan during the conflict, individually produced from 300 grams of porcelain, equating to the average weight of the human heart, together with a set of stitched kneelers bearing lines taken from the poem of a Second World War veteran. Not an installation to rush past, this will ask for and deserve time for contemplation and reflection.

Finally, please don’t miss ‘All I See Is You’ in the Salberg Studio, from tonight through to this Saturday, September 7. The Playhouse welcomes back uber talented Ben Occhipinti and Mark Powell as directors of this multi award-winning play, written by Kathrine Smith and inspired by real accounts of queer life from 50 years ago.

I expect to laugh and cry and to be moved as I have so often been in the special, intimate space that is The Salberg. More deep breaths will be required.