A SWAN has been rescued after trapping itself inside a Salisbury sewage plant.

On Wednesday the adult swan landed inside the empty tank at Wessex Water on Southampton Road, and couldn’t get itself back out again.

RSPCA was contacted by the sewage plant team, and animal collection officer (ACO) Katie Wood attended the scene to try and assist the trapped swan.

“The poor swan had caused quite a stink at the sewage plant by getting stuck in one of the tanks,” she said.

“Luckily, the tank was already empty when the bird landed inside and seemed quite happy to walk around the tank ‘wasting time’ before it was rescued."

Katie was placed inside a harness and with assistance from Wessex Water staff, she safely climbed around 3.5 metres down the empty sewage tank, before placing the swan inside her swan bag.

She was then pulled back to the surface, with the swan in tow, by a rope.

She added: “The swan did seem more nervous when I pulled the short straw and had to climb down into the tank, but there was nowhere for the bird to go. I managed to contain the swan before it went potty and bring the bird to safety.”

The swan was not injured and was immediately released on a nearby river.

Katie added: “I’m not going to lie [the sewage plant] did stink! The smell was coming from the other tanks surrounding it as they were full of sewage.

"I thought I’d been quite careful in not getting any on me but even as I was driving home I could still smell it!

“My job may not be very glamorous at times, especially when sewage is involved, but it’s incredibly rewarding to know that I was able to successfully rescue and release an animal in need back into the wild - it’s why we do what we do!”