SALISBURy Civic Society in conjunction with The Harnham Water Meadows Trust and Wilton Town Council will be hosting a number of Heritage Open Day attractions.

These include a visit to the Harnham Water Meadows on Friday, September 13, meeting at 10.30am outside the Old Mill Hotel.

Join Dr Hadrian Cook for a guided visit to the 17th century Harnham Water Meadows to learn about the historic operation, and economic and conservation interests.

And on Friday, September 20 take a look inside the chambers at Wilton Town Council – just turn up between 10am to 4pm. A portrait by Rex Whistler of Wilton’s first female Mayor, Edith Olivier MBE; medieval town charters; royal portraits, and a fifteenth-century chest are just some of the treasures housed in the building. For more go to