GoSkydive at Old Sarum Airfield celebrated reaching 50,000 tandem skydives yesterday (Saturday, September 7).

The milestone was marked with cakes, balloons and the 50,000th tandem skydiver, Michael Hall, received a golden ticket to jump for free.

GoSkydive also donated £1000 worth of vouchers to charity partners.

Carl Griffiths, the marketing manager of GoSkydive said: "Reaching 50,000 jumps is a huge milestone for us."

And general manager, Paul Shipway, added: “We would like to thank each and every one of our 50,000 intrepid customers for helping us reach this amazing milestone and all the team at GoSkydive for making our customers’ experience such a memorable one.”

Gordon Blamire founded GoSkydive in 2008, with the vision to make tandem skydiving more accessible to everyone.

The oldest jumper for GoSkydive was 100-year-old Sydney Crossland.

GoSkydive jumps from the highest UK altitude, 15,000ft, which gives 60 seconds of freefall at around 120 mph.

It also works with more than 300 charity partners and helps raise more than £1million a year through tandem skydiving.

Michael Hall, who jumped tandem from 15,000ft with instructor Edd King, said the jump was all the more special as it was his 40th birthday next week.

Hewas joined by Adam Harrison and Andy Inman as freefall camera flyers.