A MUSIC therapist is launching an app to help care home residents living with dementia.

Musikind will start running in the first week of October, designed to help carers interact with their residents by providing a variety of songs and musical activities that both comfort and stimulate.

The app was set up by 32-year-old Arash Bazrafshan, who said he "wanted to use music to raise wellbeing", describing Musikind as "therapeutic music, any time, every day".

He said: "Music has a positive emotional nature and is a way of giving therapeutic benefits to more people.

"[Musikind] can give comfort, help someone, and it is custom made music for different purposes so it can accommodate for all needs.

"It can also help look after and empower carers, it can help them interact with care home residents and bring out a more social element."

Arash was inspired to begin his career as a music therapist following his own family experiences with the disorder.

After completing his masters at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh, Arash moved to Wiltshire to work in dementia care homes across Salisbury, delivering creative music therapy sessions for residents.

And the app is the next step for the therapist, who turned down four offers at the Salisbury Young Chamber's first Dragons' Den event last year, to instead launch the business on his own.

With the app almost set to launch, Arash said: "We're now doing the final touches and it has been a long process as making music has been time consuming, but it will be an ongoing changing service with updated content so it is quite cool.

"There really is nothing like it on the market at the moment, there could be four versions of just one song so there really is something for everyone."