Boris Johnson has arrived at the Salisbury Plain training zone, where he is meeting with British Army troops.

Arriving in a Chinook helicopter at around 2pm, the Prime Minister and defence secretary Ben Wallace were greeted by Lieutenant General Ivan Jones.

Speaking to a reporter from the Basingstoke Gazette, Mr Johnson said about potential disruption to the supply chain of medicines into the UK in the event of a no deal Brexit: "We have to prepare for every eventually.

"The NHS are totally confident that people who depend on medicines from wherever will be properly supplied."

Mr Johnson also tweeted earlier: "Today I met with military chiefs at 10 Downing Street. Thank you all for the selfless work that you do to protect our great nation."

Salisbury Journal's Head of News Will Rimell also asked the Prime Minister about the possible funding of a bypass for the city, if the government was still willing to help the city following last year's Novichok attack, and what updates there were on the Stonehenge tunnel.