A NEW support group has been set up in Salisbury for women who have been unable to have children due to infertility or life circumstances.

It has been started by Charlotte Hackett and will meet for the first time tomorrow (Saturday) which coincides with World Childless Week. It will then meet on the third Saturday of the month. The meet up group is part of Gateway Women - a friendship and support network for “involuntarily childless women” set up by Jody Day.

Charlotte said: “For many years now, I have been trying to manage a plethora of confusing feelings as well as dealing with anxiety and depression but not really understanding where these feelings were coming from or why.

"After trying a range of support strategies with limited success, I recently came to breaking point and due to the wise words of my father I sought out a support group. That was when I discovered Gateway Women – it has been a revelation.

"At last, other women on the same journey and experiencing the same thoughts and feelings. I can’t tell you how powerful and empowering this has been; I have found the online community a great support resource.

“However, over the years, my social group has become friends that are mums and although I love spending time with them and their children, I often feel left out or have difficulties participating in the motherhood conversations.

"So, I decided to join the Gateway Women meet up group and discovered there wasn’t a monthly group in Salisbury. I thought there must be lots of women within this community that are dealing with this in silence, not realising that Gateway Women exists and would like to meet like-minded women and to make new ‘childless’ friendships.”

“Please don’t suffer in silence, we are worthy and we do have a voice,” she said. “I would like to reassure people that this will be a friendly, warm and welcoming experience, there will be absolutely no pressure on anyone to share.”

For more information and venue details go to gateway-women.com/meetup