TWENTY key stage four school students from seven schools across the Salisbury area have undergone a special coaching session to turn them into the Salisbury Journal’s first School Correspondents.

The students attended a workshop at the Old Fire Station Enterprise Centre which gave them an insight into the world of journalism, learning about the history of the Salisbury Journal and the techniques used in writing a story.

After today’s workshop they will be tasked with representing their school each week by providing positive news stories about events and achievements within their school.

They also took a tour around the Journal offices where they had the opportunity to meet some key staff. 

The students then had a chance to engage with the vast community of online readers (by collaboratively writing this story).

Bill Browne, Editor-in-Chief, was responsible for organising and leading the day. 

He said: “The main aim is to induct a new round of school correspondents who can then help to report on the positive stories at their school each week.”

One of the students, Anna Wright, from the Burgate School, said: “The day was very interesting and helpful in deciding my future career path.”