FOLLOWING a sold-out performance in London’s West End, a Salisbury playwright is bringing her latest production to the city.

Classified, written by Jayne Woodhouse, is three plays one after the other, providing a hard-hitting view on issues in society today, including the social class divide, disabilities and living inequalities.

Performed by the writer’s own company, Loosely Based Theatre Company, the production is wholly inspired by real events and social issues, with the three plays closely interlinked.

“I’m drawn towards social issues and how they impact on people’s lives,” Jayne tells the Journal.

“For some time now, I’ve become very concerned by the widening gap between rich and poor in Britain and the increasing lack of social mobility, which leaves many families struggling to survive.

“I think you could call Classified my own personal howl of rage against what I see as the pervading social injustice of our times.”

One special twist in the first tale of the night is that the audience will choose how the story ends, meaning the cast will have no idea until the night which version they are to perform.

“The second and third plays are set in a dystopian near future and show what might happen when social divisions are taken to the extreme,” Jayne added.

“The play builds to a strong and potentially shocking ending.”

When asked what to expect from the show, Jayne said: “People can expect to be challenged by the issues [in Classified], but most of all I hope they will be entertained by the stories told during the performance and brilliantly brought to life by a very talented young cast.

“In our present climate of political uncertainty and instability, Classified has never been more relevant.”

Jayne’s previous works include Speci-Man and Owls, which both sold out when performed in the writer’s hometown.

Her latest and third full-length play will next be taken to to The Lion and Unicorn Theatre in London, before Jayne carries on with a series of other theatre-based projects.

Classified will be in The Chapel Nightclub on October 4 and 5, starting at 7.45pm. Tickets (from £8) are available on the door or from