I HAVE a dilemma with these Extinction Rebellion chappies.

I was caught up in their 'demo' the other day: As we glacially crawled around Salisbury in our two-lane traffic jam, following a bunch of apparent Death Wish Cyclists, I caught sight of the flag one of them was waving. I said to the wife at the time; "If this is about global warming, how much carbon dioxide do they think is being generated by a quarter-mile of slow-moving traffic?"

I agree wholeheartedly that we should not foul our own nest - this is the only planet we have, and we should not be adding to the problems: polluting rivers, dumping waste, setting light to carbon sinks, overpopulation, that sort of thing. But what on Earth are these people teaching our children?

Does anyone have the slightest inclination ('scuse scientific pun) or knowledge of Milancović cycles? Why is Greenland called Greenland? Ever heard about the 18th century 'Little Ice Age'? The Mediaeval Warm Period? All three before the Industrial Revolution and the Dreaded CO2, I might add. Ever noticed that BBC weather satellite photographs show the north polar ice is still there?

Global Warming is natural, boys and girls. If we didn't have it, Earth would be frozen. This isn't to say that we should add to it, of course, as I wrote above.

Adrian Kirkup