COMEDIAN Dave Gorman is back in Salisbury with a Powerpoint presentation like no other - turning the most unlikeliest subjects into laughs.

Dave Gorman’s critically acclaimed sell-out tour, With Great Powerpoint Comes Great Responsibilitypoint, comes to City Hall on Tuesday (October 8), 8pm.

As the title suggests, Dave is bringing his laptop and projector screen with him.

Dave, who is a familiar face on television screens with his show Dave Gorman Modern Life Is Goodish, says: "What I do is a double act with a projector screen.

"If I tell you the topics I talk it about it doesn't tell you anything. What I do is deliberately try and pick things that are not likely subjects for comedy and turn them into comedy. If I give you the list you'd say 'how's that funny?'. And that's what the show is for, come and find out how that's funny."

"There are two parts of the show, the first part is the performance and the second part is 90 minutes and in that 90 minutes I run through about 700 slides of Powerpoint. I'm literally pressing the button every five seconds. It is very rapid and pacy."

But, it's not your typical, Powerpoint presentation as Dave hopes to show audiences that not all Powerpoint presentations are "boring". He admits: "I'm not doing a Powerpoint presentation about the sales figures. It's a different proposition."

On his inspiration for the show, he says: "It is always from my own experiences."

The date of his Salisbury show, is an important date for the comedian - his ninth wedding anniversary. But he admits, the show date "wasn't the most popular decision at home" but "luckily" he will be close enough to drive home to celebrate. "We'll celebrate the day after," he says. 

Dave says "comedy loomed larger" in his life growing up but admits: "If you'd asked me when I was 12 I wouldn't have said I wanted to be a comedian. I didn't think it was possible. I sort of regarded comedians as a different species - a some kind of other - they didn't feel like real people."

He says when he was growing up he wasn't able to see comedians perform live and in his town there wasn't a comedy club. But the "penny dropped" for him after seeing live comedy performances for the first time at Edinburgh Fringe.

Dave is the comedy mind behind Modern Life Is Goodish (Dave TV), Are You Dave Gorman? and Googlewhack Adventure and has a new show coming soon.

His latest tour follows on from the success of his stand-up show Dave Gorman Gets Straight to the Point which was at City Hall back in 2015.

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