A CATAPULT and two kilograms of steel ball bearing ammunition has been seized in Downton.

It comes after police were called when reports came in of youths believed to be firing at wildlife in the area of the Moot.

On arrival, officers stopped and questioned two youths and an adult in relation to the reported activity.

As a result, they were searched and a catapult and two kilograms of steel ball bearing ammunition was recovered and seized.

Assistant Inspector John Hutchings said: "I have said previously that we will not tolerate the possession of such dangerous weapons in a public place in South Wiltshire.

"Whether that possession is with an adult or a child, the lawful excuses to be wandering around with such an item and ammunition are all but non-existent and anyone who chooses to do so, can expect the items to be seized and for them to be interviewed for any offences disclosed.

"Wild birds are protected in Law and the penalties for unlawfully killing, injuring or attempting to do so can be significant.

"We continue to encourage the reporting of suspicious activity locally, using 101 or if necessary 999 to do so.

Any such report can also be provided anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.