STUDENTS from Leehurst Swan School have been given treats and trips to kickstart October.

As part of the autumn month Year 4 pupils enjoyed exploring the open air museum, Butser Ancient Farm in Chalton, to bring their learning to life while tying in with their history studies about the Invaders.

Students experienced the smoky Celtic and Saxon houses as well as the elegant Roman villa, and were given the chance to make the daub used in the walls of the houses.

And they also designed some mosaic patterns of their own using small tiles.

Meanwhile the latest addition to the Year 11 common room was table football, offering some of the older students a fun activity when not in lessons.

A spokesperson from the school said: "The hard-working pupils deserve some fun and down time when not in the class room. Upon the arrival of the table football, headmaster Mr Ayres and the Estates team felt it was only right to 'safety test' the equipment!"