AT LEAST six members of Extinction Rebellion Salisbury had been arrested as the ‘autumn uprising’ entered its second week.

Thousands of protestors have been participating in demonstrations across London to draw attention to the climate emergency, including members of Salisbury’s local protest group, resulting in several arrests.

During the first week of the fortnight uprising, Extinction Rebellion Salisbury members have been involved with events including occupying Lambeth Bridge, marching with a samba band on the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, and setting up a mobile information unit outside the Home Office and then Trafalgar Square.

Some Salisbury rebels have confirmed they will be joining in the protest action for the whole fortnight, ending this weekend, and members who could not take part set up a stall in Salisbury on Saturday to tell the public what was going on in the capital and why.

Talking about the Salisbury stand, outreach coordinator, Mike d’Apice, said: “Most visitors to the stand seem to accept the reality of climate change but were unaware of the urgency or scale of the response required by us all, individually and globally.

“And, sure enough, what is happening now somewhere else or to someone else will eventually and in a timeframe of decades directly impact our lives, even here in Salisbury.”

The demonstrations in London are part of a global campaign, with other rebellion spots including Johannesburg, Rome, Rio, Colombia, Madrid, Berlin, Mexico City and Amsterdam.

“Somewhat depressingly [changes] may only happen when it is already too late to slow, let alone reverse, current trends. Solutions are available now, it’s just the will to implement them that is missing,” Mike added.