FATBERGS made up of wet wipes and oils have been found in Salisbury sewers, causing blockages in the city's drainage system.

Utility company Wessex Water revealed the above images yesterday after removing the waste from drains in the area.

Following the discoveries the company has advised the public to stop flushing anything that isn't toilet paper down the toilet, claiming wet wipes, condoms, sanitary products, nappies, cotton buds and contact lenses are the main causes of fatbergs.

Additionally it is advised that fats, oils and greases should not be poured down the sink as these contribute to the blockages.

Wessex Water director Matt Wheeldon said: “A huge proportion of the 13,000 sewer blockages we deal with on our network every year are caused by wet wipes that haven’t broken down when entering the sewer system.

“This can lead to fatbergs in sewers, pollutions and costly blockages, with people experiencing the misery of sewage flooding in their homes. Our advice is to only flush the three Ps – paper, poo and pee.”