CAST your vote to help an animal charity win £100k.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Animal Friends Pet Insurance in Amesbury, last year it donated £100,000 to the charity StreetVets.

This year, the insurance firm is running the competition again and the charities in the mix this year to win £100K are the Bat Conservation Trust, Whale and Dolphin Conservation and Four Paws.

Animal Friends managing director, Wes Pearson said: “We are delighted to be running the 100k giveaway again this year and encourage everyone to vote online for their chosen charity out of the three finalists.

“This money will make a real difference and be used by the winning charity to help raise awareness, educate people on the needs of animals, enrich environments and have a positive impact on the future of many amazing creatures.”

Dr Joe Nunez-Mino from the Bat Conservation Trust said: “Bats are some of the most undervalued, misunderstood and threatened animals on Earth. Bat Conservation Trust has been working to change that and our work is beginning to have a positive impact on some of the 17 bat species in the UK.

“We aim to discover more about bats and how they use the landscape, support local bat groups and the bat care network and educate people about bats. Our vision is to have a world rich in wildlife where bats and people thrive together.

“A donation of £100,000 would make a huge difference to our work, please help us with a simple vote that takes less than one minute.”

Chris Butler-Stroud, the CEO of Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC) said: “Whales and dolphins are incredible. They’re like us in many ways, and yet there is still so much more for us to understand. They play an essential role in the health of our planet, but they are under threat, with a number of species perilously close to extinction.

“They are killed for their meat, taken into captivity, poisoned in toxic seas and hundreds of thousands of them die in fishing nets every year. There is hope, but they need support like never before. WDC will be there for them and your vote will be a huge boost as, together, we fight to save these incredible creatures.”

Four Paws is an international animal welfare organisation that aims to encourage people to treat animals with respect, compassion and understanding around the world.

Brian da Cal, Four Paws UK country irector said: “Since 1988, Four Paws has worked tirelessly to ensure wild animals kept in captivity, farm animals, stray cats and dogs, all have the right to live a dignified life in an environment suited to their needs. We believe every animal has a right to be treated with respect and work continuously to make people more aware of animal welfare issues and help address them.

“Having recently completed our biggest bile bear rescue to date in Vietnam and starting a campaign to put an end to the dog and cat meat trade in Southeast Asia, we can think of many animals, here and elsewhere in the world, that we could help if we were to be the lucky recipients of the £100,000. We would appreciate every vote to take us closer to this amazing prize.”

Voting is now open and closes just before midnight on November 24.

The charity with the most votes will receive the entire £100,000. The winners will be announced on Friday, November 29.

For more information about each charity and to vote click here.