A NEW ward at Salisbury District Hospital has been opened.

The Longford Ward is part of the South West’s regional spinal centre.

It has been created following the reorganisation of the Avon and Tamar wards, which have now become one - Longford Ward.

Special guest Lord Radnor cut the ribbon during an opening ceremony this afternoon (Monday, November 4).

Jane Temblett, business manager of the Duke of Cornwall Spinal Treatment Centre, said: "The Spinal Centre is one of 11 specialist rehabilitation centres in the UK and we are incredibly proud of the service we provide at Salisbury.

"It is a great honour to welcome Lord Radnor today, to open the new facilities. We are delighted that he has agreed to lend Longford estate’s support to our patients in the form of naming our ward.

"The new Longford Ward will help us care for people from across the South West who have suffered life-changing spinal cord injury. The rehabilitation we provide enables people to fulfil their potential."

Alongside the ward reconfiguration a new patient lounge, the Silver Room, and a new mini gym will be opened, in response to patients’ needs and feedback.

The hospital says the Spinal Centre is being transformed to "deliver a higher standard of care, in an environment that reflects the NHS’s professionalism and expertise".