A MAN has been arrested after 15 people were found in the back of a lorry.

Wiltshire Police were called at 8.30pm last night to check out a HGV which was involved in 'suspicious activity' on the A350 near Chippenham.

Officers checked the lorry and discovered the 15 people in the back, 14 of which have been taken to custody and the other to hospital. No one is believed to be in a serious condition.

A police spokesperson said that, on initial investigation, it is believed they are all over the age of 16.

The man in his 50s was then arrested on suspicion of assisting illegal entry and was taken to Swindon custody for questioning.

A road closure was put in place on the A350 at the Kington Langley crossroads while the lorry was recovered.


Robert Burton, 31, from Chippenham, was driving down the A350 when he saw the incident unfold.

“Two ambulances passed us. We saw another five or six police cars then another three or four ambulances,” he said.

“We saw immigrants being pulled out of the lorry.

“One man had a jacket with the hood up. There was another man being treated.

“It was shocking. You expect it in the city. You don’t expect it in a small market town.”