Ultra-fast phone data could soon be coming to Swindon after Vodafone and O2's 5G upgrades are revealed to South Swindon Parish Council.

Two electronic communication base stations on the top of Torrington Court in Park North could be upgraded to allow for the phone company to provide users with the latest download speeds.

In a letter to the South Swindon Parish Council asking for consultation, construction company Galliford Try revealed that Telefonica UK, also known as O2, and Vodafone reached an agreement to operate a mobile grid across the country.

The existing communication stations have been determined as suitable for upgrading and the two would need to be upgraded if Vodafone was to bring 5G to Swindon.

The letter describes what work will need to be done to the base stations including removing the current three antennas and replace them with six. These upgrades will 'provide improved network services and date handling capacities, including new 5G services'.

At the planning meeting for the parish authority, no objects or queries were raised about the consultations and the plans will move forward.