AN APPEAL against a decision which rejected plans to build more than 30 homes near Winterslow has been turned down.

The original application to build “up to 22 market dwellings, nine affordable dwellings, and four elderly bungalows” on land south west of Middleton Road in Winterslow, as well as to provide a new access from Middleton Road and a pedestrian footpath alongside Middleton Road, was made last November.

Issues raised were whether the location for the development was appropriate, the effect of the development on the character and appearance of the area, which is a designated Special Landscape Area, and whether the proposal provided sufficiently towards affordable housing needs.

S. Rennie, the planning inspector, rejected the appeal by Primetower Properties, adding: “The proposed development is set outside of the defined Settlement Boundary of the village of Middle Winterslow, in what is a field adjacent to the village edge.

“As set out in the delivery strategy of [Wiltshire Council’s] Core Policy 2, development outside the defined limits of settlement boundaries will not be permitted.

“Wiltshire Council has identified Winterslow as a ‘large village’ as it has a limited range of facilities and employment opportunities.

“Housing developments within large villages will be limited to that needed, to help meet the housing needs of these settlements.”

The proposed site is also adjacent to Brown’s Copse, a woodland which the inspector described as “of high local biodiversity value”.

The inspector added: “In this regard, Core Policy 50 of the Wiltshire Core Strategy states that ‘Sustainable development will avoid direct and indirect impacts upon local sites through sensitive site location and layout, and by maintaining sufficient buffers and ecological connectivity with the wider environment’.

“The construction of a major development so close to this area of woodland would likely result in an impact by way of disturbance or destructive behaviour, whether people are conscious or not of this impact.”

An application by Primetower Properties for a full award of costs against Wiltshire Council was also rejected.

Inspector Rennie said: “Unreasonable behaviour resulting in unnecessary expense during the appeal process has not been demonstrated.”

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