MORE recycling bins, solar panel installations and the introduction of wildflower projects are just some of the actions that have been taken in the past four months to address Salisbury's climate emergency.

As previously reported, Salisbury City Council declared the emergency status in June, with an objective to make the city as carbon neutral as possible by 2030.

Since the announcement, the council has implemented projects and introduced new facilities all across the city, including solar panels on the roof of the guildhall and other council-owned buildings, installation of a recycling bin and water fountain in the Market Square, the introduction of more wildflower areas and an initiative to recycle green waste from parks and open spaces.

During a climate emergency discussion at the Salisbury Area Board on November 4, city council leader Jeremy Nettle said: "If anybody was in any doubt about what is happening to our climate, they must be not living on this planet.

"There are no silver bullets in doing this, this is difficult stuff and it does cost money, and that's what we've got to work through."

He added that the seven areas the council is focussing on include waste management, energy management, environment management, water management, sustainable procurement, travel maintenance and biodiversity.

Councillors have also made lifestyle changes in response to the objective, with expectation to recycle domestic waste and cycle to work.

Finally the council has started working with Environment Agency to address and look after the flood plain which runs from the green space along Ashley Road, near Five Rivers Health and Wellbeing centre, through to the Maltings area.

Cllr Nettle later added: "By declaring a climate emergency we have started looking at the things we do, and this is the start of a journey that we should all be doing.

"The hardest part is not changing what we are doing, but changing other peoples' mindsets. If [we] can change the minds of three or four other people, then we are getting the job done sooner rather than later."