THE theft of a child’s buggy, outbuildings being broken into and a suspicious incident of a male in an alleyway wearing purple gloves were reported to police in Fordingbridge.

A total of 72 “occurrences” were reported in September — 33 were recordable as crime. A breakdown of the monthly crime figures was given to Fordingbridge Town Council last week.

There were seven reports of antisocial behaviour including two about off-road motorbikes, two regarding objects hitting a window, one of people making noise and smoking cannabis, one of a possible BB gun being used in a private garden, and one incident relating to youths causing a disruption in a shop.

Seven incidents of violence against the person were recorded - five of these were domestic incidents.

Three incidents of outbuildings being broken into were reported and four of damage with items taken including a plastic chicken shed roof and golf clubs.

Four incidents of damage were recorded including two relating to smashed windows and another of damage to a fence panel.

There were four thefts, including a buggy being stolen from a front garden, a wallet being taken and also a suitcase being stolen from a shop. There was one theft from a motor vehicle where tools were stolen from a van.

Suspicious incidents totalled nine - including one report of two males in a hoodie, one of a male in an alleyway wearing purple gloves, an unknown male in a private rear garden, a suspicious vehicle and one report of a possible stolen digger which police say turned out not to be stolen.

In October, a total of 68 “occurrences” were reported, 27 were recordable as crimes.

There were two reports of antisocial behaviour, one relating to nuisance connected to an organised shoot and one of noisy motorbikes.

Business burglaries included tools being stolen from a building site, the theft of a tractor from a school and also a ride on mower and mini tractor being taken from a farm outbuilding.

While two thefts were recorded, including lead stolen from a church roof and one report of an employee stealing parts from the workplace. There were also two thefts from vehicles with tools being stolen from a van.

Two incidents of damage were reported one at a pick your own pumpkin patch and one of a property being egged, which was not during Halloween.

And four suspicious, including a vehicle acting suspiciously, and an unknown person driving around a farm.