TWO Salisbury brothers have transformed their lives after shedding eight stone between them.

Mick and Tom Bridge were on a dream holiday in the Dominican Republic last year but the pair say they felt unhealthy, breathless and had no energy.

To get off his sunbed, Mick had to roll off on to the floor, get on his knees and use the table to physically lift himself up.

They felt something had to change and a friend asked them to join her at a local WW (Weight Watchers) workshop in Salisbury.

With Mick’s diagnosis of borderline type 2 diabetes they decided they had to go.

Mick said: “I was nervous walking into the workshop for the first time. It was full of women but I realised that I knew most of them as I’ve lived in Salisbury all of my life. The welcome I received was so warm and lovely, especially from the Wellness Coach Alex, I decided it was OK.”

He says he changed his eating habits completely, adding: “It was so rewarding when I started to see the results. I felt stronger in mind and body – I’d had a knee replacement a few years ago and used to have to crawl up the stair on all fours. I then found I could walk up the stairs normally and on a holiday to Cuba, I got interested in watching the dancing, which I loved. My new ambition is to learn the Argentine Tango and I know I’ll do it.

“Between the two of us, we’ve now lost eight stone. I’ve taken eleven bags of clothes to the charity shop and gone from a size 48 jeans to a 34. I eat salad which I’d never have done before and I believe in myself which I used to struggled to do. I have a bit more weight to lose but I absolutely know I’ll get there.

“Tom has reached his goal weight already. Cake was his downfall before but he still has a slice every now and again. That’s the beauty of WW – you can still have the foods you love but you learn to balance them out with lots of healthy foods too.”

Alex Foster-Pegg, the Salisbury WW Coach, said:“When Mick and Tom came through the door, I knew I could help them. Having lost 10 stone with WW myself, I understand the challenges but also know it can be done with focus and determination. It was brilliant to see the brothers’ transformation. It’s great losing weight but it’s all about what you gain in terms of self-confidence and being able to do things again that you’d given up on. They are an inspiration.”