MORE than 25,000 people registered to vote since the General Election was announced.

There has been 25,366 newly registered electors in Wiltshire, and 69,027 registered postal voters.

Carlton Brand, acting returning officer for Wiltshire, said: “New registrations were coming in thick and fast since the election was called and my hope now is that we have a really big turnout on 12 December and that the electorate are passionate and engaged about their right to vote.

“We’re working hard to ensure all our polling stations are accessible on election day as we’re aware the weather could be a little unpredictable and daylight hours will be limited. However, we’re looking forward to welcoming people in from the cold to cast their all-important votes.”

There are 357 polling stations across the county, the location of which will be on people’s polling cards.

"Although it does speed the process up if people bring their card to vote on December 12, it is not required. The polls will be open from 7am to 10pm.

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The deadline to register to vote was 23:59 on 26 November, and the deadline has also passed for registering to have a postal vote.

People still have time to appoint a proxy to vote on their behalf – the deadline for that is 5pm on December 4.

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