A SALISBURY police inspector has highlighted the benefits of a new app which was used to find an injured person.

Inspector Pete Sparrow was asked about the app during a meeting of the Southern Wiltshire Area Board last Thursday, in Alderbury village hall. What3words is an app that is used to share locations. Each 3sqm is given a unique three word address that can be shared, which are like GPS coordinates.

Inspector Sparrow said: “We have used it very successfully with a person who had injured themself and had called the police and used what3words to help us locate them in a very rural location. It was absolutely vital to actually find the person.”

He said at the moment it was not compatible with police control systems but an upgrade had been requested, adding: “We’ve had conversations with the what3words company and we are hoping that we should have in the early new year an upgrade that will allow them to use that as positive way forward.”

"It is a very useful tool particularly when you are trying to find a place, address or a person," said Inspector Sparrow.