What a cynical way to conduct an exercise affecting thousands of people!

Wiltshire Council’s strategic planning committee is being advised by officers to approve a 640-home development next to Salisbury Cattle Market.

Where? Trowbridge, of course!

When? Why, 10.30am next Wednesday, the eve of the general election. Slap in the run-up to Christmas when many of the 250-odd objectors (myself included) have seasonal engagements.

The opposition of Netherhampton parish council, in whose patch it lies, is ignored.

The implications for Harnham are horrendous – an extra 730 journeys in rush hour - but the council’s ‘experts’ reckon there’ll be “no material effect on the highway network” and anyway the developers will cough up millions towards junction improvements, buses, a new city centre GP surgery (no site yet), etc. etc.

The council report assumes there will be jobs nearby. Tell that to the owners of the long-vacant business park up the road. Soon to be housing, too.

Quidhampton residents fear their village will be even more of a rat run. Especially with a new primary school attracting pupils citywide.

Salisbury City Council is also worried about our roads, with no guarantee that the costly and probably inadequate improvements suggested for either end of Netherhampton Road will happen any time soon.

Why the rush? The site hasn’t even been approved by an inspector yet. Though it seems a foregone conclusion.

It’s because Wiltshire hasn’t met its targets, failing to deliver its promised redevelopment of Churchfields.

Annie Riddle