WE at the Journal have asked each of Salisbury's election candidates six questions relating to the hot topics surrounding politics – as well as a few human ones.

Here, Labour candidate Tom Corbin gives us his answers.

If you’re elected, what would be the first thing you’d do for Salisbury and its constituents?

Labour has promised to invest in our public services. If I am elected I would start by dealing with the subject closest to my heart. I would go out to meet as many healthcare workers as possible and reassure them that Labour will deliver on its promises to invest in the NHS. Starting with a 5% pay rise for all staff. Give social health care the uplift it needs so that people are given better levels of care at home. And properly resource mental health provision. Labour will invest in recruitment and training programme for more doctors and nurses. I want staff to know that I personally appreciate all that they do.

What has driven you to stand in this election?

I have a long history of standing up for people whether at work or in the local community. I believe passionately that we can have a better future where everybody benefits. A decade of under investment in our economy and damaging cuts to services in the name of austerity has divided the nation. I have witnessed the discrimination of the disabled and poorest in our society. I believe that when you deal with inequality that everyone benefits and I long to right these injustices. I am proud that Labour will invest once again in our public services.

You have a day off in Salisbury. What would you do and why?

Both my wife and I serve as Salisbury City Councillors for Bemerton and we both work shifts. When the opportunity arises we like to go out for a meal, if not to avoid doing the dishes but to steal a few minutes away from our hectic home life. We very much enjoy live music, especially if we can enjoy a couple of beers. If left to my own devices I will often be seen out and about – I do walk a lot and if the opportunity arises I do like to do a bit of photography.

What are your views on Brexit?

Whilst I never viewed the EU as perfect, I do believe it has benefitted our country and I campaigned for remain on this basis during the 2016 referendum. Salisbury, like the rest of the country is terribly divided – Only Labour will unite the country and secure a sensible Brexit deal that protects jobs, rights and the environment, avoids a hard border in Northern Ireland and protects the Good Friday agreement. Labour will give people the final say with remain on the ballot.

If there was one thing you’d change about Salisbury, what would it be?

I believe that we could do so much more to enhance key parts of the City and that is what I am keen to change. I have taken an active role in developing Salisbury’s Neighbourhood Development Plan. I want to achieve change to our shopfront policy to further enhance parts of our City centre and linking pedestrianised streets to enhance the experience for locals and visitors. In my role on the planning committee I often see requests for tree removal. I think people sometimes need reminding that trees play a great part in enhancing our urban environment. Where possible I would like to see more trees to soften our urban environments.

Climate change and global warming is a major worldwide epidemic. What are your views on this?

The climate emergency is the number one issue of our time and this general election is our last chance to radically change course. Labour’s green industrial revolution will see massive investment in solar, wind and tidal energy. We will ensure all new-build homes are built to the highest energy efficiency standards and help upgrade people’s homes. Labour will push development of ultra-low emission vehicles and invest in vehicle charging infrastructure and accelerate the transition of our buses to zero-emissions vehicles. Labour will create ten new national parks, restoring and preserving our natural environment to encourage more Bio-diversity and plant millions of trees.

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