ELECTION candidates have hit out after their campaign signs around Salisbury were torn down or damaged.

Liberal Democrat Victoria Charleston and Conservative John Glen say that between them dozens of signs have been defaced.

The signage, which for the Lib Dems are orange and black and for the Tories are blue, are used by all political parties and are usually put up by voters on their private property in support for a particular candidate.

Salisbury Journal:

Labour's Tom Corbin says his signs have also been targeted.

Salisbury's Lib Dem party has condemned the vandals, questioning their attempts to "silence the party", while Mr Glen says it happens "every election".

The Conservative added: "In every election I have fought in Salisbury I have had numerous signs and posters defaced, damaged or stolen.

Salisbury Journal:

"This year is no different in that regard and well over a dozen signs have been treated in such a way across the constituency."

Ms Charleston said: "We are running a positive campaign talking to voters about the Liberal Democrats' optimistic plans for a better Britain.

"It is concerning that others are stooping to vandalism and intimidation, potentially putting people off participating in this seismic election."