WORK is finally set to start on city centre traffic lights, after more than two months.

The traffic lights, at the junction of two busy city centre roads, have not been working since at least the beginning of October.

The council have now confirmed work will start to get the lights working again tomorrow.

The Journal was told on October 4 that the lights required “major work”.

Wiltshire councillor Bridget Wayman, cabinet member for highways said: “We are aware there is a fault with these traffic lights which requires major work and we are working with partners to address this issue.”

One of the major issues facing motorists due to the outage is that the view from the right hand turn from Chipper Lane onto Castle Street is blocked off, so drivers have to edge out slowly to see if there is any oncoming traffic.

A number of Journal readers have suggested putting a mini-roundabout at the junction.

Other readers have suggested keeping the lights off, as “they are not causing any problems being out. Less congestion and less emissions caused by static vehicles”.

Another reader commented on the Journal website: “Personally I’ve not had any problems turning left or right out of the junction as everyone is driving slowly.

“They could always paint a mini-roundabout in the middle of the junction instead, like they have [elsewhere].”

Another reader described the situation as “shocking”, and said: “Trying to edge out of the side street or drive at a snails pace to make sure no one comes out and hits you. Is it going to take an accident to get them fixed?”