MASTER storyteller Guy Masterson is returning to Salisbury this Christmas with a new show to get audiences in the festive spirit.

A Child’s Christmas in Wales runs in the Salberg at Salisbury Playhouse from Wednesday until Saturday, December 21.

Guy, following his sell-out performances of A Christmas Carol last year, brings Dylan Thomas’s short story and other works to life.

“A Child’s Christmas in Wales is about half of the show itself. It is a beautiful short story by Dylan Thomas that encapsulates Christmas in very much a similar vein to A Christmas Carol. It is a much more nostalgic look at Christmas from a child’s perspective,” says Guy.

Guy is an Olivier Award winner and veteran of many smash hit solo works such as Animal Farm and Dylan Thomas’ Under Milk Wood.

“A Child’s Christmas in Wales is also accompanied by two other beautiful short stories.

“These are child friendly stories but they are also extremely nostalgic for people of my age and upwards who remember those days, - the donkey rides on the beach and that kind of thing,” adds Guy.

“They will hear storytelling of the highest order, they will have a theatrical performance much like A Christmas Carol, which will really get them into the Christmas spirit. I might even throw in a couple of Dylan Thomas poems just for good measure - not the depressing ones.”

Growing up in Wales, Guy says he is very familiar with the work of Dylan Thomas’ and was even introduced to it by his uncle, actor Richard Burton.

“I have been a lover and supporter of Dylan Thomas ever since. I think I owe so much to my solo performance of Under the Wood because that cracked my niche as a solo performer and it has taken me all around the world. I owe so much to that performance that one can’t help loving the work of Dylan Thomas.”

He continues to be heavily involved in promoting the work of Thomas, adding: “I think in the last 20 years Dylan’s reputation has blossomed to where it should be. I think he is rightly thought of as perhaps the finest and most naturally creative, British writer of the 20th century. I’m honoured to be able to do that work and bring joy really.

Speaking about returning to the city, Guy says: “I love coming back to Salisbury every year. This is my third year in a row. I love that pre-Christmas week.”

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