JOHN Glen has retained the Salisbury seat, with a slightly increased majority.

He took the seat with a majority of 19,736, which was 2,403 more than 2017.

However, he did lose votes, having won 30,280 this election compared to 30,952 two years ago.

The result was declared in Five Rivers Leisure Centre just after 5am.

In second place was Victoria Charleston with the Liberal Democrats, with the party's majority increasing from 5,982 in 2017 to 10,544.

This meant the Lib Dems powered past Labour with Tom Corbin, which secured 9,675 of the votes - a decline from 13,619 two years ago.

Despite coming fourth place, Rick Page with the Green Party received 2,486 votes, which is more than double the party's total in the 2017 election.

And Independent candidate King Arthur Pendragon, last place, walked away with 745 votes.

Turnout was 53,905 (72 per cent), slightly higher than in 2017.

In his winning speech, Mr Glen said: "The country has made a clear choice to put the division of recent years behind us as we move forward as a nation."

He said he had walked "half a million steps" across the constituency meeting and talking to people, adding: "What is so striking is that desire to move on from the situation that we've been in. 

"I will continue to do all that I can to listen very carefully to the arguments that my fellow candidates have made, in such articulate fashion throughout this election."

Speaking to the Journal after the results, Mr Glen said: "I am absolutely thrilled with the number of votes and increasing my majority. 

"I think that this is a clear message that the people of Salisbury and South Wiltshire have responded to how we must now get Brexit done."

When asked what his priorities will be alongside and after Brexit, Mr Glen said he wants to focus on the funding for services including the NHS and police, as well as congestion levels and housing.

He added: "I will do all that I can to find solutions for the ongoing challenges we face."

Mr Glen will be taking part in a carol service this morning, before taking his team out for a Christmas lunch to celebrate.

Labour's Mr Corbin said he was "disappointed" with the election outcome, but he will "continue expressing and fighting Labour's message".

As the leader of the Lib Dem party lost her seat to SNP, Mrs Charleston said it was "a huge disappointment", describing Jo Swinson as "an inspiration to women" with a "vibrant campaign throughout".

She warned her competitors to "watch out" following her succesful night however, adding: "I am so pleased with these results and our share of the vote, so I will continue fighting for what I believe in and our children. So watch out - we're here!"

In a final statement from King Arthur, donning cloak and tophat, he said: "I'll keep campaigning and fighting for the planet, no matter what happens."

There was a total of 168 rejected ballots.


  • Con - John Glen: 30,280
  • LD - Victoria Charleston: 10,544
  • Lab - Tom Corbin: 9,675
  • Green - Rick Page: 2,486
  • Indy - King Arthur Pendragon: 745

Con hold

Turnout: 72.1%

Majority: 19,736