A VETERINARY practice in Shrewton has celebrated its 20th anniversary.

Elston Vets clinic covers not only the area of Shrewton but also Tilshead, Larkhill, Amesbury, Durrington, Bulford Camp, Codford and Netheravon.

Vet Enid Frantilla, who owns the practice, said: “To do anything for 20 years is an achievement.”

“I have gotten to know people who have been with me since I started which is lovely,” added Enid.

She says over the 20 years there have been “lots and lots” of interesting cases, adding: “Something new walks in the door every day.”

The clinic opened on September 15, 1999.

Enid said: “Elston Veterinary Clinic began as an idea, in 1999, from a very strong passion for providing the best patient care possible, focusing on the care of the individual patient and their owner(s).

“My single motive was to be certain I had done the best job I could treating animals entrusted to my care. I wanted us to be able to give the kindness animals need, and use the most up-to-date information for their treatment. Before I even opened the doors, I knew I could only do it with the help of excellent people on my team.”

“Still growing and with a desire for more growth, we currently have a team of 3 vets, supported by a team of four nurses, three receptionists and an office manager,” said Enid.

“A veterinary practice is absolutely a team effort, and requires the team to work together, work incredibly hard, and to have immense compassion day after day. We have to love our work, and we do.”

She added: “Our patients are what bring us to work every morning, and they never fail to surprise, entertain, and occasionally break our hearts.”

To mark the special milestone the clinic held a party in Shrewton village hall on November 29 and staff were joined by around 120 guests. A representative from Veterans with Dogs attended. And £380 was also raised for Wiltshire Wildlife Hospital.

Salisbury Journal:

Enid added: “We wanted to thank our clients for the past 20 years; It was a great opportunity to express my gratitude for being able to help our clients’ pets for all of these years.

"Watching many of them progress from cute cuddly puppies and kittens to elderly fragile old friends, is both immensely rewarding and heartbreaking at the same time.”