THESE are some of the latest crimes reported to Wiltshire Police that have taken place in and around the Alderbury and Wilton areas, including Ford, Old Sarum, and Whiteparish.

They have been released as part of a weekly crime summary for the period of December 7 to December 13.

*Time listed is when the crime was reported to the police.

  • 54190121213 07/12/2019 07:47 hours Criminal Damage, THE STREET, WHITEPARISH, SALISBURY, Unknown suspect has turned a vehicle over causing damage to the wing mirror and door.
  • 54190121230 07/12/2019 09:51 hours Theft, HIGH LANE, BROAD CHALKE, SALISBURY, Unknown suspect(s) have stolen a Bronze alligator ornament from a river, it is valued between £1000-£2000.
  • 54190121961 09/12/2019 18:30 hours Criminal Damage, ODSTOCK ROAD, VICTORIA DRIVE WEST, SALISBURY, Vehicle parked up, damage caused to wiper blades of the vehicle.
  • 54190122389 09/12/2019 21:58 hours Burglary Residential, SOUTHAMPTON ROAD, ALDERBURY, SALISBURY, Unknown suspect has opened a key safe, removed the house key and has unsuccessfully attempted use it to open the door, jamming the key in the lock in the process.
  • 54190122160 10/12/2019 08:20 hours Burglary Business and Community, FORD, SALISBURY, Unknown suspect has entered the property by unknown means and has ripped the side off a van to gain access to the tools inside which they took. Suspect has also entered a building at the location where chickens are kept and has taken approximately 30 chickens, killed 2 and 2 cats have also been taken. Total value of items taken so far is approximately £1200 for the tools. The remaining items are not yet valued.
  • 54190122474 11/12/2019 08:44 hours, Theft, WHADDON BUSINESS PARK, WHADDON, SALISBURY, Unknown suspect has stolen front and rear index plates from parked and unattended vehicle outside of work.
  • 54190123063 12/12/2019 16:17 hours Vehicle Offences, RANDALLS CROFT ESTATE, WILTON, SALISBURY, Unknown suspect(s) have gain access to a vehicle while it was parked unattended on the road side and have stolen power tools worth hundreds of pounds
  • 54190123068 12/12/2019 16:28 hours Vehicle Offences, HENRY LANE, OLD SARUM, SALISBURY, Unknown suspect(s) has stolen a rucksack containing a laptop, various medications and miscellaneous paperwork from a car. There was no force used to gain entry to the car.