THESE are some of the latest crimes reported to Wiltshire Police that have taken place in and around the Salisbury area.

They have been released as part of a weekly crime summary for the period of December 15 to December 20.

*Time listed is when the crime was reported to the police.

  • 54190123869 15/12/2019 08:47 hours Theft, BRUNEL ROAD, SALISBURY, Unknown suspect(s) have stolen a phone from a jacket pocket with a bank card and ID that was hung up in the locker room.
  • 54190124112 16/12/2019 09:37 hours Criminal Damage, MIDDLETON ROAD, SALISBURY, Unknown suspect has damaged the car that was in the garage. Suspect has smashed the wing mirror and damaged a back light. The cost of the damage is unknown.
  • 54190124141 16/12/2019 10:06 hours Theft, NEW CANAL, SALISBURY, Unknown suspect(s) have picked up a Blue Huawei Pro 30 mobile phone and not returned it, valued at £800.00.
  • 54190124630 17/12/2019 12:54 hours Burglary Business and Commercial, BEMERTON METHODIST CHURCH, ROMAN ROAD, SALISBURY, Unknown suspect(s) have climbed up onto a flat roof and smashed a window gaining access into the church, the suspect(s) appear to have search the church leaving cupboard doors open.
  • 54190124655 17/12/2019 13:09 hours Vehicle Interference, MANOR ROAD, SALISBURY, Unknown suspect(s) have stolen the catalytic converter from a vehicle whilst it was parked outside their home address.
  • 54190124706 17/12/2019 15:01 hours Theft, CASTLE STREET, SALISBURY, Unknown suspect(s) have used unknown means to unlock a bike whilst it was secured to the wall at the back of the building. Suspect(s) have then stolen both the bike and the lock. One Blue and Silver Claud Butler bike valued at £100.
  • 54190124962 17/12/2019 14:54 hours Burglary Residential, WILTON ROAD, SALISBURY, Unknown suspect(s) have forced entry to unoccupied address. Nothing stolen
  • 54190124858 17/12/2019 22:15 hours Criminal Damage, CASTLE STREET, SALISBURY, Unknown male was refused service of alcohol and has kicked the self-service checkout causing damage. CCTV available, enqs ongoing
  • 54190125240 18/12/2019 23:39 hours Criminal Damage, DEVIZES ROAD, SALISBURY, Unknown suspect has kicked a front door and broken her letterbox. No suspects.
  • 54190125406 19/12/2019 11:52 hours Vehicle offences, CAR PARK BROWN STREET EAST, BROWN STREET, SALISBURY, Unknown person(s) have smashed the rear window of the car. No entry to the car and nothing missing. No signs of a search of the car. Rear window of the car smashed.
  • 54190125455 19/12/2019 13:47 hours Theft, BLUE BOAR ROW, SALISBURY, Unknown offender has stolen a purse from a handbag, the purse contained £150 in cash and a credit card.
  • 54190125458 19/12/2019 13:49 hours Theft, SALISBURY MARKET, MARKET PLACE, SALISBURY, An unknown suspect(s) unzipped the large straw bag that was being carried and removed a multi coloured leather purse with a zip and compartments. The purse contained miscellaneous cards.