YOUTHS starting a fire under a building canopy and a park gate being nailed shut have been reported to police in Fordingbridge.

The total number of occurrences reported to police in November were 52 — 18 were recordable as crimes.

There were four incidents of antisocial behaviour and four of violence against the person, which included one relating to an incident in a school and two which were domestic.

One non-dwelling burglary was reported where items were taken from a shed and one business burglary with two jerry cans of fuel being taken from a school. And there was one theft of a fire extinguisher from a public building and eight thefts from motor vehicles.

Four suspicious incidents were recorded, including one of a male knocking on a door and asking for work and another of children driving mini motorbikes on a highway. 

The report was given to Fordingbridge Town Council at its December meeting.