The UK’s first ever weight loss centre featuring the PowerSlim programme has been opened in Salisbury.  You In Balance, located in the beautiful Trinity Rooms in the heart of Salisbury is run by Anne Bailey, the first ever UK PowerSlim Nutrition Coach.

Said Anne: “Before children my life and health were in balance. I hovered around 60 kilos and was never unwell or fatigued. I ate a wide range of food and drink with no adverse effects on my health or weight.

Salisbury Journal:

“Bang! Children entered my life and, dearly though I love both my boys, my metabolism was thrown out of kilter.

“My weight steadily increased year on year. I was heading towards 90 kilos and felt powerless to help myself control my weight.  I tried all of the well-known diets with group sessions and crash courses – but none worked in the long-term. 

“I would follow whatever plan it was, lose weight, reach my target, then return to my pre-diet eating habits. I experienced the dreaded yo-yo effect of weight loss and then more weight gain and felt miserable as nothing seemed to work and I had lost my strength and vitality.

“Good fortune came my way during a trip to Holland. I met a nutrition coach who was using PowerSlim and saw the remarkable changes brought about with people who were just like me; they had kept the weight off in the long-term and said they had never complained about being hungry.

“This coach put me on the PowerSlim programme, and I have never looked back.

Salisbury Journal:

 “I felt good, the programme was really easy to follow, and I was eating delicious food; PowerSlim pasta with my own Bolognese sauce, lots of fish and vegetables, poached eggs for breakfast with delicious PowerSlim linseed bread.  

“The programme taught me so much about being mindful of my food choices and now I know how to manage my weight. I still enjoy the odd glass of wine with dinner, I never felt I was missing out on anything and I feel lighter and in control of my health. 

“I’m down to 68 kilos and, because of the high protein content of the products, I didn’t lose any muscle mass, so also feeling much fitter and healthier - and without the stress of having to worry about how ‘big’ I am.

“I was so amazed with results of the PowerSlim programme that I dedicated the past three years to studying diet and nutrition, visiting Holland many times for training and becoming a qualified PowerSlim nutrition coach and I opened up my own consultancy called You In Balance, in Salisbury.

“Losing weight can be difficult. Exercise and a change in diet often help, but It’s not always easy to do this on your own.  My PowerSlim coach was invaluable in teaching me how to keep the weight off for good.

“I want to help others achieve what I have, not by eating less, but by eating differently.

“Why Salisbury? Because that’s where I live...but I also love that it’s the first city in the UK to launch this internationally successful weight management programme.”

The PowerSlim programme is devised by fully qualified dieticians using the scientifically proven concept of a low carbohydrate, high protein diet.  It has been very successful for over 10 years in Holland, Belgium and Germany, with several hundred established and experienced centres across the region and many happy clients.

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