EMMANUEL CE Middle School in Verwood has opened a new chapter with its accelerated reader scheme for years five and six children.

Using an online programme called Star Reading the scheme sees pupils participating in quizzes to test their knowledge of books they have read and earn reward points.

Both parents and teachers can monitor their children’s reading progress as they go up through the levels.

The school’s head of English Jerry Brenton, said: “We have already made significant improvements in our English Curriculum and end of KS2 SATS and we believe this scheme will boost that even more.”

Emmanuel CE Middle School is part of the Wimborne Academy Trust.

The trust’s CEO Liz West, said: “The Accelerated Reader scheme is another excellent example of the commitment from everyone at Emmanuel to get the very best out of their children.

“Reading is such an important skill to have because without it, it’s impossible to reach your full potential in all other subjects.

“This scheme helps improve reading standards in a fun way that not only engages the children but also involves their parents as well.”