Simpson is a handsome one-year-old, terrier cross currently residing at Dogs Trust Salisbury. He’s looking for kind and patient owners who are keen to help him keep to his New Year’s resolution of being a training superstar! He’s a real food connoisseur, which makes learning really fun with this cutie.

Simpson’s dream home would be in a quiet place as the only pooch, where he can soak up all the attention from his adoring human friends. Loud noises and raised voices are scary for sensitive little Simpson, so he’d be very grateful for his new humans being understanding of his fears. Simpson’s become a real favourite for the team to have as an office pal at the rehoming centre, but is equally good at being left for a few hours once he’s settled into a routine. He’s a sweet boy and once he finds that special someone to share all his love with, he will flourish into the most fantastic little companion.

If you think Simpson is the dog for you, then please visit our Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre in Newton Tony, Salisbury or call 01980 629634.

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