A SALISBURY man has starred in an award winning British Red Cross video.

The short film created by the charity and agency Raw London, entitled Rebuilding Lives, was granted the Best Video Campaign at the Drum Social purpose Awards UK 2019, as it highlighted the emotional journey of a refugee as they enter the UK and begin a new life.

Based on the idea of missing pieces, the film explores the link between the fragmented lives of refugees and the parts the charity helps them rebuild.

Kitchen assistant and charity volunteer Norbert Weber moved to Salisbury from Serbia in 2014 and received support from the British Red Cross on his arrival, which inspired him to join the project when it was advertised on a casting website.

He played the role of a British Red Cross worker nearing the end of the story, who assisted leading actress Leah Baraskan when she was reunited with her daughter at an airport.

Norbert described the two-minute entry as a “really good story”, adding: “From my experience I know how refugees feel, it is really hard to start a new life.

“People should give money to British Red Cross, they have done so much for my life and others.”

According to The Drum, the video became the charity’s most shared content ever on Instagram and Twitter, and achieved more than 250,000 views in total despite a low budget.

The video has also been shortlisted for an award at this year’s Charity Film Awards.

Norbert added: “The team are really excited and we hope to win. The team put in so much effort and it was one of the best things I’ve ever done.

“I want there to be no more refugees across the world and I hope for more peace where this is no difference between sex and religion.

“I just want everyone to be at peace with one another and love one another.”

Watch the video on the British Red Cross Youtube channel.