THE Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) is helping give business owners a “clear voice into the corridors of power”.

The FSB, which was originally formed in 1974, is made up of small business owners, sole traders and entrepreneurs from a variety of sectors.

Ruth Lambert, the development manager of Somerset and Wiltshire FSB, said: “It was originally formed in 1974 when there was a growing realisation that at a time when big businesses and big trade unions dominated the economic debate, there were millions of small businesses and self-employed people whose voices were being squeezed out at best or totally ignored at worst. SMEs needed a clear, consistent and unbiased lobbying voice – and that is where we stepped in.

"Now, nearly half a century later, the FSB is proudly known as the ‘go-to-guys’ when stakeholders such as the government, local councils, LEPs, the media or other key groups want to know ‘what small business thinks’.

"We survey and talk to our members all the time about their concerns and issues and our reports are eagerly snapped up in both Whitehall and the town hall because with nearly 99 per cent of all private businesses in the UK having 50 or less employees SMEs truly dominate the economy and our decision-makers need to know what they think .

“Whether its urging changes to business rates, supporting the High Street or, of course, ensuring small businesses get the best possible post-Brexit environment to work in, the FSB aims to be at the heart of the conversation and, as a member-led organisation, we do so with the support of our amazing members from every business path imaginable.”

“Here in Salisbury we worked hard to support our members post –Novichok and Mary Webb, one of our longstanding active local members, worked as part of a local task force with Wiltshire Council, Salisbury Town Council, Salisbury Chamber and BID to ensure ongoing support and plans to revitalise Salisbury were in place,” added Ruth.

“We are also active in our support of the South Wiltshire Business of the Year Awards, having been one of the founding partners and we hold a regular networking event for any local businesses at TEN, The Old Fire Station in Salt Lane on the second Monday of the month at 5.30pm. You will often see us out and about at local expos and events as it is important to us to meet regularly with local businesses and to hear their views.

“Finally, the FSB not only offers its members that clear voice into the corridors of power – locally, regionally and nationally - but we also have also an unrivalled set of benefits to help our members’ businesses grow. These benefits include round-the-clock legal support, free banking, a range of insurances, HR support and much more to ensure small business owners and the self-employed have all the tools they need to succeed in business.”

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