RESIDENTS can have their say on the latest changes to the Local Plan which sets out New Forest District Council’s (NFDC) vision for the future development of the area.

Following public hearings, planning inspectors said the plan could be made “sound” with the inclusion of some changes.

NFDC says these changes or “main modifications” “do not significantly change” the Local Plan strategy for the district (outside of the National Park) and are a normal part of the plan-making process. They relate to the detailed wording of policies or supporting text.

The New Forest District (outside the National Park) Local Plan Part 1 sets out a strategy and policies for the use, development or protection of land and buildings in the Plan Area for the period 2016 to 2036. It includes new strategic allocations for housing sites capable of accommodating 100 or more homes. Part 2 of the Local Plan with detailed development management policies will follow.

In Fordingbridge, the plan has earmarked developments of at least 140 homes on land to the north of Station Road, and Ashford with at least 330 more on land at Whitsbury Road. This would be in addition to the 145 homes which have already been permitted. But a modification to the plan has been recommended to include an additional parcel of land at Burgate, within the boundary of ‘Strategic Site 18’, for a further 50 homes - increasing the figure from at least 350 to 400.

In Ringwood, the plan outlines proposals for at least 480 new homes for land north of Moortown Lane and 270 homes on land to the north of Hightown Road.

For more information about the consultation go to It closes on January 31 and comments are invited on the proposed main modifications.

Matters already considered at the public examination will not be revisited. Email or write to Policy and Plans Team, New Forest District Council, Appletree Court, Beaulieu Road, Lyndhurst, SO43 7PA.

Inspectors will consider the comments and issue a final report before the plan can be adopted.