HERE'S the latest summary of the crimes reported in Salisbury.

  • January 5, 7.11pm. Theft: East Street, Salisbury. Unknown suspect(s) have used a rock to smash the driver side front window to gain access to a parked secured taxi on the roadside. Once inside they stolen a cash box with £30 in cash and carried out a search of the rest of the vehicle.
  • January 5, 10.27pm. Criminal damage: Salt Lane, Salisbury. Unknown offender has smashed a pub window using small pebble. It is not known if it was thrown or fired by a catapult.
  • January 6, 8.31am. Burglary business and community: Harnham Church Hall, Lower Street. Unknown suspect(s) have gained entry into the parish hall by prying open the window. Suspect(s) have then gained entry to the office by prying open the door. Inside the office, the suspect(s) have opened the safe containing church keys, and have left them strewn all over the floor. The padlocked cupboard doors in the storeroom have been pried open. The suspects left via the fire exit.
  • January 6, 9.51am. Burglary business and community: Salisbury Golf Centre, Wilton Road, Salisbury. Unknown suspect(s) have used a ladder to climb up onto the roof of the golf centre and have removed several slate tiles and "dug" through the ceiling. Nothing stolen once inside but they have then left via the conservatory causing damage to the window and the door-alarm system set off at 1.15am on January 6.
  • January 6, 10.12am. Vehicle offences: Empire Road, Salisbury. Unknown suspect(s) has entered a vehicle by unknown means, causing no damage. Suspect(s) has rummaged throughout the vehicle and has stolen a pair of dark blue Ray-Ban sunglasses valued at £150.
  • January 6, 3.32pm: Theft, Bedwin Street, Salisbury. Unknown suspect has stolen a pedal cycle which was left in the hallway. Black pedal cycle valued at £380.
  • January 6, 9.49pm. Criminal damage, Paynes Hill, Salisbury. Unknown suspect has caused damage to two street lights by shooting them with catapults.
  • January 7, 9.24pm. Theft: Heath Road, Salisbury. Unknown offender has taken a box containing a Hyundai Multi Garden Tool valued at £200 from the porch area after being delivered.
  • January 8, 7.27am. Burglary business and community, Castle Road, Salisbury. Unknown offender(s) have gained entry to a school via rear window, footprints found nearby. Staff turned up to open up and heard a noise; believed offender(s) may have been still at scene.
  • January 9, 12pm. Burglary business and community: Norfolk Road, Harnham. Unknown suspect(s) have forced open a sliding window to the front of a shop causing no reported damage. Entry gained. The till with a £50 float, £433.70 cash for a supplier and a charity was box stolen.
  • January10, 4.42am. Criminal damage, Brunel Road, Salisbury. Unknown suspect has knocked a wing mirror off a vehicle causing damage.


January 6, 10.45am. Theft: White Hill, Pitton. Unknown suspect(s) have stolen a 9v battery that was attached to the electric fence to stop the sheep from straying. The battery was concealed underneath a dustbin to stop it from getting wet so was not in full view. Cost to replace estimated at £100.


January 6, 2.35pm. Criminal damage, Roger Way, Old Sarum, SALISBURY, Unknown suspect(s) have damaged a vehicle by smashing the wing mirror and were seen then running away.


January 8, 1.36pm. Theft: Tunnel Hill, Alderbury. Unknown suspect(s) have removed a secure Ifor Williams trailer which was parked on the drive and made off with it. Valued at £2,000.


January 9, 9.21am. Burglary business and commercial, Common Road. Unknown suspect has wrenched open locked shed door and gained entry, nothing has been stolen.


January 9, 10.40pm. Burglary business and commercial: Woodland Drive, Middle Winterslow. Unknown suspect has broken into a garage and stolen a motorcycle.

  • The times listed are when it was reported to police.