A WEIGHT loss company with more than 500 centres across Europe is expanding into the UK.

PowerSlim is now operating in Salisbury, thanks You In Balance, a company set up by Salisbury businesswoman Anne Bailey.

Located in Trinity Rooms in the heart of the city, Anne says the programme is a “highly successful nutrition and weight loss plan, with several hundred established and experienced centres across Europe securing many happy clients.

“The programme is devised by fully qualified dieticians, and for a decade, Germany, Belgium and Holland have enjoyed the benefits of PowerSlim – a scientifically-proven concept of a low carbohydrate and high protein diet.”

After years of dieting with little long lasting results, Anne embraced the PowerSlim programme after being inspiration by a friend in Holland.

After what she described as a “revelation”, she is now the Salisbury PowerSlim coach of the first certified PowerSlim centre in the UK.

Anne said: “Having dieted for most of my adult life with all the well-known weight loss brands and, oscillating between dramatic weight loss and then increased weight gain as I returned to my normal ‘pre-diet’ eating habits, I was constantly searching for the answer to sustaining long-term weight loss and finding something to make sense of all of the confusing information out there.

“PowerSlim, with its well-structured and easy to follow low carbohydrate/high protein programme, was my revelation.

“Under the guidance of my PowerSlim coach, I began to understand why I gained weight after dieting before, how to eat more consciously to achieve long-term weight loss and have more energy.

“I want to help others achieve this too, so that’s why I trained as a PowerSlim coach and am proud to be the first certified PowerSlim centre in the UK.

“There are personal discussions with a friendly, empathetic coach, all tied together with a programme where you can eat delicious food and lose weight.

“This is not a crash diet, it’s a scientifically proven, high protein low carbohydrate, nutritionally balanced weight loss programme where you eat regular foods in conjunction with the PowerSlim products, not just bars, shakes and soups but also meat, fish, vegetables, and eggs.”

“PowerSlim has over 500 centres across Holland, Belgium and Germany and has been successful for more than 10 years, so it’s a proven concept.”

For more information, go to youinbalance.co.uk.